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photo by   Eli D'agostino, creator of  Silhouette

photo by Eli D'agostino, creator of Silhouette

Haley blends heartbreak and humor into poetry, and writes most often on the Brooklyn Bound L train in New York City.

In 2018, Haley and artist Samantha Giuliano published their book Write Like Prayers. To learn more about the book, click here.

To catch some of Haley's recent writing, click here.



NIGHTGOWNS*                   buttered biscuits (2016)

PRIME REAL-ESTATE           buttered biscuits (2016)

MISSED CONNECTIONS     sticky buns (2017)

PLANT PLAY                        bangerz & mash (2017)

TANTALUS                           bangerz & mash (2017)

PASSING                              deviled eggs (2017)

GIRL NEXT DOOR               black coffee (2018)

*previously produced as a selection for the Boston Playwrights Festival in 2014.


Produced in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City, An Introduction to Heat Transfer is a play about the intricacy of female friendship, and how platonic love can be the most heartbreaking of all.

'In the lexicon of theater, Heat Transfer has the potential to be the female equivalent of Salinger's Catcher in The Rye; it provides a sensitive and thoughtful examination of the journey from adolescence as it meanders its way towards adulthood.' - Prof. Marlene Wagner, USC

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