what I knew about love

Written by Haley Jakobson

1. It will take an entire lifetime to remove Cosmopolitan's glossy print from the blueprint of your adolescence. 
2. Your mother's lessons on love can be used as an optional spice, but not as the foundation of your recipe. 
3. The love you want is not blind, is not ignorant, does not take you for granted.
4. Stability is what passion wants to be when it grows up. 
5. Friends outlast the boys. Rinse and repeat.
6. Consent is the cousin of love. 
7. Love comes in a particular package. It is your decision to sign for it. 
8. You can know a love has gone rotten and still hide it in the fridge. 
9. Clean the fridge. 
10. Vulnerability is love's daughter. Raise her well. 
11. You are not love's therapist. 
12. Roses are nice but returning my cable box for me is liquid heaven.
13. Love may not ask you to change. 
14. Love is not dimming your light, trimming your edges, lowering your volume, being less needy, wearing less lipstick, or sleeping with other women. 
15. Love is neither an endless ocean of forgiveness or a shallow basin. it may be something in between. 
16. No one can finish your love's story for you. You get to the end of the book on your own. When it is over, you will know. You will have written it.

(edit: I fell in love with a woman after this.)