a list


1. close your eyes. drown out the sound of your very large city, your parents, your conservative upbringing, the voice in your head that tells you you’re not worthy of whatever.
2. dig deep. listen hard. what else is in there? the profound and the not. what lies outside the routine, the monster mantras that play on loop, the ones that don’t serve your self or soul? what the hell are you good at? what the hell do you like to do? what turns you on? what turns you off? who do you admire? who admires you?
3. how many goals do you have in your pocket that are doing nothing but weighing down the potential of an effortless future you couldn’t even have imagined?
4. what things do you say to your body every day? which of them would you say to your friends?
5. is your identity a non-negotiable? or can you wear it like a second skin, and take it off and embrace your own bareness?
6. how many people do you a judge a day? how many of them are just versions of yourself that make you cringe?
7. how much of your life is on hold because of that one person whose validation you will never actually get?
8. do you really believe having a six pack will make you happy?
9. if you know the sickening terror of shame, why do you perpetuate it as a cycle?
10. what if you went on a first date with the only intention of making sure that person was good enough for you, instead of the other way around?
11. your clever instagram caption just isn’t going to matter when you’re seventy.
12. crying is healthy unless it is replacing anger you deserve to feel. 
13. being angry and acting on anger are entirely different things.
14. keep. your. standards. high.
15. send nude pictures, eat with your mouth open, don’t nod if you don’t know what the hell niche-ass underground theatre company a person is name-dropping in front of you is. curiosity is refreshing.
16. you cannot run out of compliments. start speaking them out loud.
17. mental illness and laziness don’t even exist in the same dictionary. 
18. sex. is. as. complicated. as. our. relationship. with. our. mothers.

19. the media’s portrayal love is a solid ten year setback in the discovery of what kind of love your uniqueness deserves.
20. your moon sign will tell you everything you need to know about taking care of yourself. 
30. feminism is not mean or about hating men. 
31. doesn’t it scare you that half our brain space could be wasted with something as preposterous as counting calories.
32. success isn’t linear you’ve got a long life relax. 
33. dogs are animals and one dog alone is not as happy as two dogs together. 
34. you’re an animal too. you’re allowed to want a partner in this wild maze. if you know people who side eye you for not wanting to “find yourself” alone, then those friends probably don’t like dogs which is my number one red flag and I hope it’s yours too. 
35. you’re special, we live in a world who simultaneously worships talent and throws daggers for knowing that you are.
36. dodge the daggers. it’s your fucking life.