photos by  Octavio Valencia


Tuesday 8:30pm, blissflow

Sunday 11:45am, vinyasa


Shaktibarre I 449 Keap St, BK NY


 I don't tell anyone I'm a yoga teacher when I practice at other studios so I can fall over to my heart's content. I only wear high waisted yoga pants because the other ones make my tummy stick out and sometimes my butt shows. I rest in child's pose a lot and sometimes sleep for an entire class.

We come to yoga for practice, not perfection. We come because we hurt or we because we don't or because we can't breathe or because we can't remember what our bodies feel like without a phone attached to it. We come because it's trendy, but we remember the reason why it's trendy. Which is because it's a gift, it's a blessing, because now more than ever our society is begging for connection. I teach because I need to practice everything yoga believes in. I teach because I advocate for gentleness, for strength, for self-care and for gratitude. I teach for everyone who got out of running the mile in gym class. I teach to shatter the stigma of what grace means. I teach because I am still learning what grace means. I teach because I have a lot to learn, and most of it, I learn from you.